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Alyssa5656's Blog

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

MSP's Anonymous -The Facts-

Lately i have been very irritated because people on MSP now only talk about this Anonymous.. There's proof she's fake. Here's the facts-
-There's a group known as Anonymous, but they hack into government websites that are unfair and other websites that are unfair.
-This Anonymous isn't the group Anonymous. The real group are a bunch of men.
-Professional Hackers don't add people or best friend them. I've got a friend request from an anonymous and a best friend request. 
-Tons of the "anonymous" people are definitely fake
-On My MSP *the US MSP* only one person was reported hacked and all that happened was her clothes were changed to the anonymous look. 
-After she was hacked MSP traced the IP address of the hacker back the girl who was supposedly "hacked"
-I've tried getting anonymous people to hack me ever since i found out about them and nothing has happened
-On the US MSP anonymous will never *or should never* show up on the screen. 
-I've only seen her show up on my screen once and that was when i was on the UK MSP
-Even when you talk about her in the cafe chat room *UK or US* she doesn't always show up. 
-I've tried forever *on UK and US* for her to show up in the cafe chat room. NOTHING
-The one on my MSP knows what a pump-porter is *Scratches Head* Pump-porters aren't known world-wide *Proof that this hacker is just some random person who wants to scare us..maybe it might be an enemy of ours.*
-Pro Hackers don't write on walls, play in rooms, or say they're hackers.
-Pro Hackers stay in the shadows and hack when people think they're safe.
-MSP has said that it's a random generator that shows the looks of lower level  users *0-3?*
-Another MSP moderator said that it just shows non-playable characters to show off looks..?
-If we just stop giving him/her so much attention she'll most likely go away
-Prob. isn't the girl who was accused of being "anonymous" just because she was the only known hacked. Prob. a friend of hers...?
-The real Anonymous group only hacks into apparently multi billion dollar corporations...? And unfair websites that need justice..?
-MSP is low priority. Think about it. The only really unfair thing on MSP *if it even could be consider unfair* is all the hate and bullies *and a few hackers here and there* So chance is they don't care about MSP
-MSP staff is denying everything. 
-MSP staff is definitely NOT locked out. 
Watch the VIDEO..decide for your self if you believe it's real!
Anonymous Shows Up On The Screen 
This is my account *Keep in mind i'm VIP and i'm level 13 and even though i ask repeatedly for Anonymous to try to hack me she hasn't* 
Hack Me Anonymous..I dare you
Except for the fact that my skins pink b/c of a dare don't you think you'd want to hack me if you could?
I know i would!!
So..why haven't i been hacked? B/c it's fake! 

More coming on this story 
                                                                           ~Ms. Lindor Truffles


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I have been researching "Anonymous" and they DO NOT hack msp. And the person that calls them self Anonymous doesn't take anything they just do it to show power. The REAL Anonymous only hacks government websites and possibly facebook (I have only hears rumors just be careful. Also they post youtube videos telling people what the did to the government sites. DO NOT like or comment on ANYTHING posted by Anonymous on youtube or fb even if possibly fake. Be careful of the real Anonymous (tho they may be on our side) they might have a reason to hack you so keep a low profile.

  3. go 2 msp and search Maluaine and click on the profile.(its my account)

  4. alyssa u are right the only time i have been hacked was 2 months ago and ill be making a blog and friend me
    my msp account is bubbleshasswag

  5. alyssa u are right the only time i have been hacked was 2 months ago and ill be making a blog and friend me
    my msp account is bubbleshasswag

  6. I am not a MSP user or a fan but when I heard about this I was a freaked out and another person says That they pretend they are HACKED and people say Anonymous' name is hidden.

  7. You fucking idiots! How old are you -_-! Anonymous only hack the judgement not
    your fucking 9 year old game! Please fuck off now if you dont know what anonymous is dick suckers -_-

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